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Aerial imagery collection, processing, and analysis

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Our Services.
Our Guarantee.
Our Products.

Our Services.
Our Guarantee.
Our Products.

We collect and process aerial images to produce data products that provide actionable information. We take the imagery collected, by us or a third party, and process it to create orthomosaics. These orthomosaics are then analyzed to provide different visual representations of what is happening on the ground. These high-resolution maps can be used to inspect power lines, survey construction sites, analyze vegetation to determine plant health, city mapping, detection, and more.
  • 24-Hour Turn-Around

    Aerial imagery is only valuable when it is current. We guarantee a 24-hour turn around on all standard data.

  • Quality Data

    There are two properties that make excellent aerial imagery data: image quality and geo-location accuracy. We individually quality control every data product to ensure will it meet your standards.

  • Various Data Products

    Collecting aerial imagery is costly. From a single flight we can produce orthomosaics, 3D models, and NDVIs. Everything you need to determine what is on the ground.

  • Flexable Data Collection

    Our system can process data from both drones and airplanes, and our dealership network allows us to mobilize quickly to collect time critical data.

  • Multiple Camera Formats

    Different cameras give different insights into what is happening on the ground. We support standard 3-band RGB and NRG infrared cameras as well as medium format 4-band (RGBN) cameras for large projects.

  • Accuracy

    Manually georectify all data to ensure that it aligns with google base maps. GCP input is available when sub-inch accuracy is needed.

  • Support

    We will quickly answer any questions you have about what is the best way to collect aerial images, resolve any issues, and answer any questions you have about your data.