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Accuracy, Resolution, Quality. How we go beyond your expectations.

High Resolution

The most important quality of imagery is resolution. Our standard processing is 0.25 meters per pixel with a 24 hour guaranteed turn-around time. With our high-resolution processing options, we have processed imagery down to 1 centimeter for drones and 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) per pixel for aircraft. 


No dataset is perfect and there are always challenges that need to be overcome when processing aerial imagery. There are three common issues when processing aerial imagery: alignment, artifacts, and ghosting. To minimize these our system uses different processing methods at different stages.

  • All Challenges
  • Alignment & Accuracy
  • Artifacts
  • Ghosts

Individually these imperfections do not amount to much, but when they occur at the same time imagery becomes unusable. Explore how we overcome these challenges below.

Alignment and accuracy go hand in hand. Depending on the project you may need something that prioritizing being visually appealing, but less accurate. The cause of these varies between aircraft, cameras, flying conditions, and the processing methods used. Often this occurs around the image seamlines over features above ground level which is more common among airplane imagery than drone imagery.

When you take images of dynamic scenes such as a road with moving cars, ghosting can occur. These features will look semi-transparent and there may be duplicates. 

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