How It Works

Powerful processing with minimal intervention

In order to provide data as quickly as possible, we work with a network of dealers and have created an automated system that is designed from the ground up to not rely on third-party tools or software. This means that there is no wasted processing time. This allows us to guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on all standard data products.

We created four pieces of software to make this processing happen: Guidance, Uploader, web portal, and data processor. Additionally, we designed a camera mounting system for easy data collection.

Software & Hardware

Web Portal

Our web portal serves several purposes and is where you specify the area you want data collected for and download the finished products. 


Guidance has two functions, aid the pilot by telling them where to fly and triggering the camera to collect data.

Once a flight plan is created in the portal, Guidance will be able to download the field and create a flight plan. This flight plan tells the pilot where to fly to ensure the field has full coverage.

Once a camera is connected guidance will run a camera calibration to ensure that the focus and other settings are correct.


The Uploader is used to upload images to our servers for processing. It will upload any jpeg image that has location data embedded in the image or Guidance log file. 

After the images are selected, select the data products you want to be generated and click queue. 

Data Processor

Our data process is responsible for turning your images into orthomosaics. It was built from the ground up and optimized to run on our servers without using other 3rd party software. This ensures there is no wasted processing time.


All data is processed on our private servers. This ensures that our technicians have easy access to solve any hardware or data issues. It also allows us to scale up and to process projects of any size as needed.  

Camera Mount

Roboflight’s Camera Mount is designed to attach to the wing strut of most planes, safely and quickly without damaging the plane. 

Using this mount you can attach most over the counter cameras.