High Resolution Imagery

Imagery processed at the highest possible resolution, allowing you to see the smallest of details

0.75 inch drone imagery

A drone was used to fly our office building in Arvada CO. Using the images we created a digital 3D model, then by using a 3D printer we crated an accurate detailed model.

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1 inch drone imagery

Sample section of an orthomosaic of crops from a joint project with Iowa State University. This field was flown five times to monitor the growth rate of different crops. Each isle is a different breed of crops and by using this imagery 3D models were made to measure the height of the different breeds as they grow. 

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3 inch airplane imagery

A subsection of a 4 band (RGBN) orthomosaic of Natchitoches downtown historic district in Louisiana. It was made using 4 band images from a Phase One camera at an altitude of 2,625 feet.

aerial NDVI orthomosaic of manhattan kansas city with trees october 2013

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