Dealer Network

A network of businesses that provide regional experience for every project

Our dealership network distinguishes us from other aerial data processing and collection companies. Our dealer model provides a complete solution, from image capture to data delivery, and allows dealers to build upon their current customer relationships and use their local expertise for project management recommendations. Contact us for more information on becoming a dealer.


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Exclusive territory with no franchise fees. You will be notified if anyone tries to process data within your territory

Secure Data Storage

Your data is stored in house, not “in the cloud”. We have high-volume capacity and can ship you old data for your records


Access to our portal, Uploader, and Guidance software


Drones and aircraft camera systems available


Our support team will help you one-on-one to address any data issues or provide data collection recommendations


Comprehensive training from certified flight instructors

Dealer testimonials

Empire Ag Imagery LLC icon
The staff at AgPixel are very experienced and professional in meeting our needs as a dealer. They are very responsive to our varying requirements to deliver high-quality imagery products for our research and commercial clients in a very timely manner.

Bill Verbeten


Empire Ag Imagery LLC

CropMetrics Logo square
We are impressed with the functionality of the internet portal. The multi-level user access is a winner and will definitely be a unique selling point for us. A big thanks also to CTO Mark Lanning who helped us to overcome the differences between the internet cultures of the US and that of South Africa. He did not hesitate to help us immediately when we needed him.

Christo C. Swart


Cropmetrix (Pty) Ltd.

AgPixel (RoboFlight) has been a pleasure to do business with the past year. They are always available to help support our business and are interested in our success. One example of their customer service is when I pocket dialed COO Kirk Demuth at 2 am. He actually called me back right away to ensure I was ok.

Greg Adelman


Roboflight Canada

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