Case Studies

Customer Commitment

To provide rapid response aerial imagery acquisition services and next day availability of processed data products at unequaled affordability.

Rapid Response

  • Fly any sized target areas and capture sharper images compared to satellites
  • Respond to imagery acquisition needs in days, not weeks or months thought the continental United States
  • Utilize smaller, more efficient aircraft resulting in clients experiencing enhanced services and lower expenditures
  • Ability to fly under a 1500′ AGL cloud ceiling

Subject Matter Experts

  • Three key areas of remote sensing, geospatial science, and aviation
  • Customers have a convenient, single source for data acquisition, processing, and delivery
  • Computer hardware, quality control, data delivery, and storage systems are staffed and managed by a team of internal software engineers
Back view of a white Cessna with blue stripes parked on an airport runway with guidance box attached to the right-wing strut

Express Processing

  • Ability to process over 100,000 acres per day
  • Use dedicated arrangement of physical computers and servers
  • Personally monitor and manager servers

Products & Services

Aerial Imagery Collection Services Within The Continental United States

  • Manned & drones (UAS) collection capability
  • United States FAA part 91 and part 107 compliant

Geo-Referenced Orthomosaic Processing

  • 9.8 inch (25 cm) standard with 24-hour turnaround
  • Resolution of less than one inch (camera dependent)
  • RGB – Natural color
  • RGN – Color infrared
  • NDVI – Vegetation stress
  • RAW stero imagery
  • Imagery analysis services

Web Portal Ordering and Delivery

  • Custom customer branding with logo and colors
  • Secure private servers
  • Download data in multiple file formats
  • Data can be previewed in our portal before download
RGB Orthomosaic demonstrating a ground sample distance of, 8 centimeters, 3 inches, pixel resolution

Solving Satellite Limitations

One significant weakness of satellite imagery is cloud coverage. Satellites cannot penetrate the cloud converage rendering the imagery useless.

Sample Scenario: Tropical Storm Colin, Florida, United States, June 2016

  • The satellite could not penetrate clouds to view flood damage below
  • Re-directing satellites would not have been a solution due to lingering cloud cover
Satellite comparison showing raw satellite imagery and Doppler imagery of tropical store Colin in Florida, the United States, June 2016

RoboFlight Solution

  • Flew below the cloud cover at 1500′ AGL
  • Provide real-time imagery
  • Offers client enhanced spatial resolution compared to any satellite
3 pictures taken outside the window of a Cessna airplane flying under a cloud ceiling of 1500 feet
Farm field data process on June 9 2016 showing high biomass areas as green and low biomass areas red with a ledger on the left side

Spatial Resolution

Today best in class commercial satellite imagery is limited to 12 inch (30 cm) resolution and it priced at a premium, and any imagery that is available could be up to 30 days old. Our imagery is on-demand and data products produced are created from high-resolution aerial imagery, providing unmatched detail for timely analysis.

NIR comparison of satalite 6 meter pixel resolution vs 10 inch pixel resolution
Two NDVI pictures of farmland pivots showing poor and healthy vegetation areas.

Large Scale Mapping

Project Mapping of 100,000 Contiguous Acres

Utilizing our regional network of aviation resources and proprietary sensors, we were able to map 100,000 contiguous acres in central Colorado. Within hours our team had flown over 100,000 acres, and the raw images were uploaded, processed, and delivered through the Roboflight secure online portal the same day.

Roboflight portal preview with of an orthomosaic overlayed with green dots showing flightlines of a 100000 acre disaster area.
  • Target area: 100,277 acres. Approximately 156 square miles
  • RGB and color infrared sensor
  • Half meter (19,6 inches) per pixel resolution
  • Time from order to data delivery: 36 hours
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