Manned Aircraft

  • Utilize highly economical single-engine manned aircraft for low operational costs
  • Ability to map upwards of 50,000 contiguous acres per hour at 14 inch ground resolution
  • Proprietary tablet-based navigation and integrated sensor control software
  • Proprietary sensor mount allows for quick install and removal from aircraft in under 15 minutes
  • Sensors are capable of capturing 6 inch ground resolution up to 1 meter
  • Acquired spatial resolution can be change mid-flight and without having to land
  • Navigation software allows for unlimited targeted areas per flight

United States FAA: Part 107 Approved

RoboFlight is approved to legally operate UAV’s in the United States under all required terms and specifications of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107).


  • Proprietary aircraft to RoboFlight
  • Uniquely constructed of 2.0 density EPP foam for extreme durability
  • Up to 4 configurable storage payload compartments
  • Easily replaceable verticals fins that also serve as landing skids for additional fuselage protection
  • Reinforced leading edges on wings for added protection
  • Durable balsa elevons for responsive flight control
  • Single servo¬†cable plug-in for connecting wings to¬†fuselage
  • Unmanned and autonomous flight as well as “Fly By Wire” mode
  • Telemetry system, GPS, autopilot and mission planning software included for easy mapping
  • 2-4 pound average sensor payload with up to 45 minutes battery endurance (capable of longer duration with additional battery)
  • Rugged bungee launcher for consistent field launches included
  • Travel case for safe transport
  • Flight tested up to 30 mph winds
  • Aircraft dry weight of 6 pounds
  • 70″ Wingspan
  • Breaks down to three components for easy transport (two wings, fuselage)
  • Features “loop and hook” wing connectors for easy wing assembly
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