Aerial Imagery Processing

Aerial imagery processing can give you a variety of benefits that will help you make informed decisions to maximize productivity and production. Roboflight offers high-quality imagery collection and acquisition, as well as the processing of aerial imagery. If you have images that you need analyzed, or if you want to have images taken and processed, call Roboflight today.

What Does Imagery Processing Reveal?

Our automated system processes images to create detailed maps that show the smallest of features, so you know exactly what is happening on the ground. Our data will provide you with actionable information on:

  • Mapping and surveying: With high-resolution maps, you can locate different features such as buildings, telephone lines, power lines, roads, and pipelines to ensure that they are operating as required. 
  • Vegetation: For agricultural needs, our vegetation index gives valuable information that aids in crop growth. These indexes show good and poor plant health so that you can better evaluate crop’s needs. This information can be used by agronomist and farming software to apply prescriptions and pesticides accurately, only over areas that need it.
  • Volumetrics and elevation: Our system can generate elevation maps (digital terrain and digital surface models) that can be used to measure the height of different features such as vegetation and buildings as well as see what the underlying terrain would look like if there were no buildings. Using these models, we can calculate the volume of stockpiles to determine how much material has been added or removed.

When we’re done with aerial imagery collection and data processing, you’ll have an accurate to-scale map that gives you all the information you need for mapping, surveying, agriculture, construction, or insurance purposes. 

Why Are We the Best Choice?

Our imagery processing is reliable, fast, and produces high-quality data. We want to give you the information you need when you need it. That’s why we offer same-day processing and next-day delivery on our products. Once we have the photos, our automated system immediately begins processing and measures all the metrics. That means that you’ll have the information you need quickly. All of our services are also affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.